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Fake Penis For Sale

(Credit: Fake Penis For Sale)

This is the place to buy fake penis. It's so realistic it could belong to every Tom, Dick and Harry!
Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce you to Mr. Limpy:

Life Like, Realistic
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Anything goes with this fake penis: buy it to your 50 years old hubby on Thanksgiving Day, pack it you know where, smell it, chew it, practice Middle Age or feminism on it, or buy it as gag gift to shock Alice who is living next door... Fake dick is great gift for teenage birthday parties or simply send this cock to your ex along with the note "return to sender".
This realistic cock is made of hypo-allergenic real feel super skin. It's more gag toy than a sex toy, though we know there are some ladies out there who like it tender and soft. So, it's not a real dildo, but it has limitless possibilities. Here's fake penis video:

Whoever fell in love with Mr. Limpy is free to buy him HERE.

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