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Best Selling Fleshlight

As it has been recently announced by Fleshlight company, stamina training unit unit is officially the best selling Fleshlight model ever! It is for certain - stats don't lie... But the question is - why this particular Fleshlight model is the most sold? It's been sold even more than signature Fleshlight series molded from top adult movie stars. It's not the cheapest fleshlight, so the price is not the explanation. So what is the explanation?

It is a word from mouth! But why men are so pleased with it?

See, unlike other Fleshlight vagina models that offer realistic sexual intercourse feeling, Stamina Training Unit gives users extra pleasurable vaginal sensation in order to make them orgasm quicker than real vagina would do. By using this model on regular basis, your penile receptors will become less sensitive and it would take them longer time to send the reflex of ejaculation. This way, you will last longer in bed and you will be able to give your partner longer satisfact…

The Cheapest Fleshlight Ever!

And when I say THE CHEAPEST, I don't think of any current Fleshlight discount or any other perk Fleshlight company announces on regular basis. I also do not advocate any funny Fleshlight version here like Succu Dry (Vampire Fleshlight blowjob) or Freak Fleshlight Vagina that are usually very cheap - what I am talking about is the cheapest realistic Fleshlight vagina for straight folks! Especially the ones with the thing for stewardesses...

So here's the deal:
It's less than 40 bucks!It's as realistic as can be - it even has the hymen remains at the entrance!Its vortex is designed to suck you in!!!It comes with the case, though you can use the sleeve only to watch every move as you penetrate  I think that would be real deal for cheapest fleshlight, right?
But wait: with only 5 bucks more - you can get a lot more - all mentioned above with premium lubricant (yep, almost like real pussy juice). We call it "First class FLight" or first class fleshlight if you wis…

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How to make homemade vagina

Hello Lonesome Jerk!

You must be here 'cos you're sick of giving yourself hand job and looking for some way to make fake vagina? Don't worry, you are on the right place!
I'll teach you how to make the BEST REALISTIC HOMEMADE FAKE VAGINA SIMULATOR in 5 easy steps! You'll be screaming with pleasure in like 10 min and I bet you can not last more than 5 minutes! Here is the aspirin for your combat head , just read on...
For this experiment we are going to need following "vagina parts" and say - sexual accessories:
1. one empty plastic bottle (from juice or the world's most popular brand - I can't tell you the name or I'll get busted by Santa in Atlanta). Make sure the bottle is in good shape, reasonably firm and has bottle cap on. 2. one plastic bag - try 'n keep from garbage bags especially used ones. Blow and pump it first - no holes allowed. 3. wide sealing tape or even better 2 or 3 strong but elastic rubber tags 4. hot water (as hot as you …

Anti Tera Patrick Fan Club

Famous porn star Tera Patrick has just got her first "anti fan club" formed by former fans well known as "Tera desperate". The working title of the club is "Anti Tera Patrick FUN Club" and the main cause of this odd and growing society seems to be getting in touch with this celebrity through provocation. It seems to be the secret what are their plans with her. Here is the message of Club founder, The Jerk:
It is about time for someone to do something and stop this Tera Patrick madness! Tera this, Tera that... blah, blah... And she's driving me nuts! At this occasion I proclaim "Anti Tera Patrick Fun Club" officially opened for anyone with the following declaration of my personal resistance against you Tera Patrick:

I, The Jerk, the founding father of Anti Tera Society can not stand the phenomenon of Tera Patrick and I'm determined to fight you Tera Patrick both in my wet dreams and my dirty imagination. It's because of following rea…

How to Book Tori Black

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Looking to book Tori Black for sex?

But to hire Tori Black for sex is not that easy: you'd need to know where to find Tori Black's phone number or how to contact her manager and book this porn star for sex.

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Fake Pussy Pics

Oh boy - here's my favorite collection of fake pussy pics. You'll get to see some famous porn stars here with their signature models of fake pussy. Enjoy and if you want to see this pussy in action click HERE!

Guy Fucking Fake Pussy (more pics)
Riley Steele: It's her signature model of fake pussy - (more pics)
Girl named Stoya (more pics)
Blond showing natural and fake pussy (more pics)
Jesse Jane fake pussy pics (more pics)
Tera Patrick fake pussy (more pics)
Teagan Presley signature model pussy (more pics)

How to Book Lupe Fuentes

Source: Hire Lupe Fuentes

Looking to book Lupe Fuentes for sex?

But to hire Lupe Fuentes for sex is not that easy: you'd need to know where to find Lupe Fuentes' phone number or how to contact her manager and book this porn star for sex.

What I can offer you is to book next thing close to Lupe Fuentes!

If you want, I can show you how to book Lupe Fuentes' pussy twin that fells just like the original!

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And here is Lupe Fuentes video where she talks about replica of her pussy:

By the way, here's some Lupe Fuentes Bio.

Lupe Fuentes (born January 27, 1987) is the stage name of Zuleydy Piedrahita (her real name), who is a pornographic actress. She was born in Cali, Colombia, and raised in Madrid, Spain by her Colombian mother and Spanish father.

She performed under the stage name Zuleidy until she moved to the United States and changed her name to Lupe. In June 2009, she signed as a contract star with the adult-video production company Teravision. …