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before watching THIS VIDEO first!

Advocating Fake Vagina

Naughty internet forums are full of confessions of guys being caught by their wives when "doing" fake vagina.  "She went crazy" or "she won't talk for days" is the most common reaction of the wives who act as if being cheated on. So what's the problem here if fake vagina is really fake? Is it the very act of partner's masturbation that bothers them? Nope, because women masturbate too on regular basis. I think the problem is that women don't think fake vagina is actually fake! As much as these guys feel the need to try "something else" but not to cheat on their women, these women would consider fake vagina sex as a change of partner! Instead of simple vagina surrogate, entering the room woman sees another woman doing their man. It's simple as that. The question is: do they have right to feel that way?
My answer is YES! I know most of the men here will find this answer shocking, but I am ready to defend it bravely and explain how I came to this conclusion. Just read on...

How fake is fake vagina really?

For all of you who never penetrated fake vagina, I can only demand to trust my words: it's real! Yes, you'll get the real feeling of penetrating woman. All of you who ever slept with more than one woman will confirm that different women vagina give different sense of penetration. That's exactly how fake vagina feels - like woman you haven't been with before. Somehow women know that (intuition or what?) and they simply feel cheated on.

How fake is fake vagina comparing to modern women?

This one is rather philosophical... Just look at the contemporary women: their hair color is mostly fake. Their lips color are fake too, while lips volume is becoming more and more fake. Tits are becoming all fake, finger nails too. Chemical and solarium training makes them look "exotic"and not to mention whitening, waxing, anti-aging...

It's all fake!

So what's the problem with fake vagina then?

The problem is it feels so real.


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