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Anti Tera Patrick Fan Club

Famous porn star Tera Patrick has just got her first "anti fan club" formed by former fans well known as "Tera desperate". The working title of the club is "Anti Tera Patrick FUN Club" and the main cause of this odd and growing society seems to be getting in touch with this celebrity through provocation. It seems to be the secret what are their plans with her. Here is the message of Club founder, The Jerk:

It is about time for someone to do something and stop this Tera Patrick madness! Tera this, Tera that... blah, blah... And she's driving me nuts!
At this occasion I proclaim "Anti Tera Patrick Fun Club" officially opened for anyone with the following declaration of my personal resistance against you Tera Patrick:

I, The Jerk, the founding father of Anti Tera Society can not stand the phenomenon of Tera Patrick and I'm determined to fight you Tera Patrick both in my wet dreams and my dirty imagination. It's because of following reasons:

Tera I hate you because:

1. You are perfect and that is both insulting and frustrating
2. You used to be blond at the time
3. You are fluent in Hungarian
4. You are fluent in English
5. You got married without asking me first
6. You charge for your movies and pics and the best things in life are supposed to be FREE Tera!
7. You are drying me out
8. You announced retirement from the industry in 2002 and I cried.
9. You are Leo and we can never get along
10. You'll sue me for using your pics
11. You are reading this
12. You are not reading this
13. My boss found Tera Patrick signature model of Fleshlight in my drawer...
14. You are 3 years, 2 months and 18 days younger than me. That makes 1175 days being without you in this world!
15. You make love for charity. And where is your charity for me Tera?
16. You made me jerk you jerk.

WTF, come on folks! Tell her why you hate her! Just drop your load into the box bellow!

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  1. Likitorma said...

    Your blog sucks man! Fuck this crap in your ass. Shit man!! Fucking blog!!

  2. Anonymous said...

    This is why this country is the way it is now!!! come on grow up!!! she is evil

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