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Meet Girls: Tera Patrick

Tera Patrick Thai OriginMeet Tera Patrick

One has to be very brave or hell of a jerk to try and describe Tera Patrick in one word. OK,I'm jerk and I'll try: paradise. But possibly the best comment on Tera came from my friend the other day: "I feel urge to make Tera Patrick pregnant". I could just keep my soaking wet mouth shut. I know I can't make love to Tera, but I can have virtual sex with Tera Patrick whenever I want!
Tera's real name is Linda Ann Hopkins Shapiro. Unlike everything on her, her original name was kinda too long to remember so she's (just) Tera Patrick now, though I'd love to add her my last name (LOL). Still, it's too late for that - Tera is happily married to her husband Evan Seinfeld. And he doesn't share Tera With anyone. Pitty...

Tera Patrick bikini panties
If you look carefully into her face, you'll notice some touch of The Far East. Yes, Tera Patrick origin is bit complicated: her father is half Danish and half English and her mother is of pure Thai descent. But it's not only that her stunning beauty makes her top ten adult star: Tera Patrick is well educated woman in both biology and medicine. In fact I bet it's both her appearance and the spirit that resulted with this: she is the only woman in the world to ever concur the covers of Playboy and Penthouse simultaneously! Dude, Tera Patrick is so much more than adult actress.

Tera Patrick Video Interview

Whenever I watch Tera's interviews I feel something's cooking in my stomach, if you know what I mean. Us mortals will never get to have sex with Tera Patrick, but at least we can have virtual sex with Tera Patrick! Yes, she made sure to help us know just how it feels to be inside her!

Tera Patrick Pic Gallery

Tera Patrick feet

Tera Patrick Bra panties

Tera Patrick bath

Tera Patric Pic
Where Tera Patrick hangs out
Tera Patrick measurements
Tera Patrick Measurements (height, bust, waist, hips and weight)


Hey Tera, I don't have hairy back and I don't spell your name like "Tara Patrick". I know how much you hate that, doll...

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  1. Anonymous said...

    Man, I don't believe this crap you wrote. Tera Patrick is nothing but fucking hopelessly stupid "wannabe actress" bitch full of shit (and sperm for sure).
    Educated woman? Yes, sure. She's new age hooker, can't you see? All she has from college is couple of take fives.
    I see she's discussing her plans on video... All she plans is to suck 10.000 cocks and get her dirty money in her ass. Speaking of money in her ass - that's the only porn with Tera Patrick I'm interested in.

  2. Anonymous said...

    she makes me want to jump up and go find me a girl right now!!!

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