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How to Practice Sex

Original article: How to Practice Sex

No matter what reason brings you here, you'll find solution.


The worst thing you want to try is to practice sex on humans! Don't do that because you'll hurt yours or other people's feelings and that's a bad karma.

Is there any way to practice sex realistic way?

Luckily, the answer is YES! You can do it in privacy of your home using things that suit your needs. This  will give you full experience of realistic and almost full featured practice of sexual intercourse.

Let's see first why are you here

You are male and want to practice sex because you are virgin?
This would be perfect sexual practice for teenager boys. Little sexual confidence before you score for the first time can't hurt, right? Also, getting to know how it feels to be inside real woman, how to fix condom without the risk of it slipping into vagina, how it feels to cum in vagina and how to create realistic vagina juice... for the most realistic sex practice click HERE.   

You are experiencing premature ejaculations and want to practice sex for better stamina?

For sexual stamina I recommend PRACTICE. But for good stamina practice and the best results, you'll need something that feels like real vagina, but makes you cum even earlier than real vagina does! And that little something is HERE.

Do you feel like practicing kinky sex?
Here is unique way to practice oral sex with real experience of penetrating and cuming in the mouth, practice anal sex just to see how it feels or even practice sex with an alien if you wish! Just stick it in, but see it in the action first HERE

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