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Interactive Sex With Jenna Haze

(original article at Interactive Sex With Jenna Haze)
Comparing to "Interactive Sex With Jenna Haze" DVD you can find almost everywhere for download online, I'd love to show you something more realistic and possibly more interactive than virtual sex with Jenna Haze on DVD.    
Though I am not sure how interactive you will think this is, it's darn horny in my book because I'm deep into Jenna Haze fetish. (OK, I admit she has me). I'd simply love to have her smelly panties under my pillow if you know what I mean.

But it turned out I can have Jenna's vagina for sex, Jena's mouth for head and her tight ass for destruction! Here's how:

Molded from real Jenna Haze: pocket mouth, ass and pussy. Get more details

Aside from a fact that all three orifices were actually molded from Jenna, the feeling of close contact and interactive sex with Jenna Haze is even deeper because all three sleeves have Jenna Haze original signature on it! Not to mention how realistic it feels in contact with your penis.

This is by far the best virtual sex with Jenna and certainly very interactive provided you are into fetish sex.

P.S: Check the video of Jenna Haze vagina being molded for Jenna's virtual sex toy HERE

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