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Jenna Haze Throat Fuck

(Original article at Jenna Haze Throat Fuck)

Imagine Jenna Haze choking on your cock... What a wonderful world this could be.

Unlike you probably expected, this is not about a video where Jenna Haze gets throat fucked - it's even better than that!
It's about YOU (yes, you!) can now throat fuck Jenna Haze!
Or to be more precise, you can now fuck Jenna's twin throat!

News is - there's new fetish sex toy on adult market and Jenna Haze Mouth is one of the best selling realistic blowjob and throat fucking toys ever (pic to the left)!

This Jenna Haze throat signature fucker is molded from real Jenna Haze mouth and lips! The whole thing is 9 inch long so if you are into deep throat - That's no problem.
Also, for the authenticity and originality, each specimen of Jenna Haze Throat Fucker has Jenna's sig on it!

How go ahead and get yourself one. I bet you can not last more than 5 minutes...

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