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Best Selling Fleshlight

Practice to become rough rider... 
As it has been recently announced by Fleshlight company, stamina training unit unit is officially the best selling Fleshlight model ever! It is for certain - stats don't lie... But the question is - why this particular Fleshlight model is the most sold? It's been sold even more than signature Fleshlight series molded from top adult movie stars. It's not the cheapest fleshlight, so the price is not the explanation. So what is the explanation?

It is a word from mouth! But why men are so pleased with it?

See, unlike other Fleshlight vagina models that offer realistic sexual intercourse feeling, Stamina Training Unit gives users extra pleasurable vaginal sensation in order to make them orgasm quicker than real vagina would do. By using this model on regular basis, your penile receptors will become less sensitive and it would take them longer time to send the reflex of ejaculation. This way, you will last longer in bed and you will be able to give your partner longer satisfaction. Think of this like: if you can lift 200 lbs, how hard would it be to lift 10 lbs?
If you take a look to the picture above, you will notice very special structure of the inner sleeve. It has been designed to massage every single penile sensor as you penetrate in and out and misses nothing. People often notice that this tight sleeve structure gives more arousal than real vagina. It is tight, but don't worry - it won't hurt you or induce any penile swelling.      
Once again, it is the word from mouth of those who resolved their premature ejaculation problems made this model the best selling fleshlight ever!

Make sure to see this flashlight in real action video - just visit THIS PAGE.

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